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from Phil’s own story “The Rescue,“ published in Flight, volume 3, © Phil Craven

(Dreamworks Animation, Lead Story Artist on KUNG FU PANDA 2, Contributor to Flight comics anthology)

Bob Pendarvis was one of my favorite instructors when I studied Sequential Art at SCAD. I felt inspired by his teaching to think outside the box and develop my creativity in new directions. Bob's enthusiastic teaching style was matched by his depth of experience and knowledge about the many forms of graphic storytelling. He was the instructor I could always count on to push his students to do their best work and to break out of patterns of self-limitation. My SCAD education would not have been nearly as deep or artistically enriched without Bob's courses.”

(Green Shoe Animation, ARCHER animated series)

"I am currently a Lead Designer and Story Artist at Green Shoe Animation, I can honestly say that before I met Bob, I would not have been qualified for that position. Before I came to Green Shoe Animation, I was Lead Character Designer for FX Network’s animated show ARCHER, and before that I was an artist on a myriad of shows on Cartoon Network’s, Adult Swim. Without Bob I wouldn’t have had the skill set needed to perform the roles and tasks that those jobs demanded of me.

Of all my professors during my stay at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I learned the most from Bob. He was the kind of professor that didn’t treat his job like just a job. Every class with him was the most important day of learning the language of storytelling through a visual medium. Every class with Bob was a day that I knew I was getting my money’s worth out of tuition from a class. Every class with Bob I was gleaning valuable insight into the industry, insight which has served me well in my career to this day. Bob, always professional and passionate, enthusiastic and fun, would go to any lengths to help his students, especially this one, and I am eternally grateful to him for his influence in my life.

Bob never let me or the other students of SCAD down. He was a professor with integrity. He was not your typical phoning-it-in professor that was always dreaming how he would someday get the job that he really wanted to do instead of teaching. Bob was always inspiring and never lost the joy and amazement of studying, teaching and learning that I can only associate with the times where I have flown in a plane and thought to myself, “Holy cow! This thing is in the air, and I am in it, and I am flying!” That’s the way I felt when I was in class with Bob. He helped me get to where I am at today and when I heard I had a chance to possibly help him provide the kind of learning I received to more students at another school, I jumped at the chance to write this."

Model Sheet for ARCHER, © Floyd County Productions

FRAGGLE ROCK, published by Archaia, © Jim Henson Company

(Artist of Tokyopop’s LEGENDS OF THE DARK CRYSTAL and Archaia’s FRAGGLE ROCK)

“Bob was always kind, supportive and had the utmost faith in me...which meant a lot to a girl who was struggling to find her own way back in those days. I wasn't very confident in myself and overall felt like I had nothing to offer compared to others in my major. Through it all, Bob always encouraged me and gave suggestions as to how I could improve my portfolio.  If I needed it, he would make the time to meet me after class to give me critiques on my latest work.  Bob was also a friend, and that was very important to me. I wanted to consider all my professors friends as well as people to look up to and learn from, and I knew that if I happened to pass Bob on the street, he'd be more than happy to stop and chat for a while. It made me feel accepted... more like I was actually a part of the Sequential Art department, instead of some nameless student trolling the halls.

While I was in college, Bob taught me valuable lessons about storytelling techniques and self reliance. When I graduated, he still kept in touch with me and gave me advice whenever I needed it...especially when it came to submitting work for my very first job illustrating Tokyopop's "Legends of the Dark Crystal: The Garthim Wars". He was always ready with suggestions about how I should handle myself in a professional way with editors, and what I could do to follow through with contacts and get work. Not only that, he helped to support my artistic endeavors by allowing me to display my artwork on his table at conventions. Ever since I've known Bob, he's gone above beyond the call of duty for me, and many other students and alumni like me. I'm privileged to call him my friend.”

(Marvel and DC Comics artist)

“A good friend and former professor of mine…Bob Pendarvis was an indispensable teacher and continued to support, instruct, and assist me long after graduation, even to this very day. He introduced me to editors, years after all my checks to the bursar had cleared, that eventually ended up getting me my first work. I've even leaned on his insightful eye as recently as the last few months, improving pages eight or nine years after I've been doing this professionally and SHOULD know what I'm doing. He knows comics art and art in generaland has a keen sense of what's working and what's not, at a glance, probably better than anyone I know.”


INFECTED, published by IDW, © Scott Sigler

(Artist of IDW comic book adaptation of Scott Sigler’s best-selling novel, INFECTED)

“Just saw the proofs for Infected #1(IDW), it's nice seeing your name in the credits as editor, Bob! Couldn't have done it without your help.”

(Artist of MAGIC CHICKS web comic, former artist of EVIL DIVA)

“You're never going to find a more caring, personally invested teacher than Bob Pendarvis. He wants his students to succeed, and personally goes farther than anyone else I've met. He gives his students great personal latitude to do comics their way--but this doesn't mean he lets people off easy. He's a human encyclopedia of comics history and visual language, and gives some of the most thoughtful and incisive critique I've ever heard. He's a master of visual storytelling, and a master of seeing student's strengths, and helping them analyze and improve their weak areas.”

MAGIC CHICKS, © Gisele Lagace and David Lumsdon

Original illustration, © Michael Phillippi

(Concept artist at EA Games)

“In my nearly 20 year career as an art student, illustrator, concept artist, and educator , Bob stands out as one of the best communicators I have ever had the good fortune to meet. Bob’s insightful critiques were some of the most helpful and insightful I’ve ever received. During my undergrad, you gave the best crits at the school. Always appreciated your ability to be brutally honest, but still keep things friendly and fun.”

(Costume Designer and Illustrator for ARCHER animated series)

“As his former student, I can honestly tell you that Bob is one of the best educators I have had the pleasure of knowing. Bob is dedicated to his students, both current and former, and has always had his students' interests at heart.

Classes with Bob were filled with fun, life, and learning. His constructive critiques always left me leaving his classes feeling ready to work harder and better. We were greatly encouraged to draw in our own styles, and to continue improving upon our drafting and storytelling skills. No one was ever made to feel less talented or wanted in the classroom for drawing a certain way, whether it be a classic superhero style, manga, or something completely different. Bob was also a great voice for the female students in the Sequential Art program at SCAD. Though the comics industry is gaining more females, we are still rather outnumbered and often outcast for our gender. Bob never discriminated, and females and males alike were more than welcome in all of his classes.

Bob is also a great person and educator outside of the classroom. He is constantly giving outlets for artists , both professionals and beginners, to express themselves. He started the Sugar Ninjas anthology - an all female comic collection published yearly - as well as an annual gallery for women to showcase their work. It is a great way for newer artists to get their name published alongside more known, established ones. Often, the former become the latter as the volumes progress. He is also in contact with many of his former students, and he is always encouraging us to be the best artists we can. I attribute much of my success to this fact - Bob helped me get freelance out of college and also greatly encouraged me to go out for my current job as an illustrator and costume designer on FX's animated series, Archer. I know I am not the only person that feels this way, as many of Bob's close friends and former students are successful in the art industry today, much of it due to his help.

I would encourage everyone who asks me how to break into the industry to attend his classes - it is the best start in my opinion.”

Original illustration, © Kat Shea

Original illustration, ©Andrew Robinson

(Winner of 2014 National Cartoonists Society's Reuben Award for Best Graphic Novel THE FIFTH BEATLE, written by Tony Award-winning producer Vivek J. Tiwary)

Excerpted from Andrew's review of Bob Pendarvis graphic novel A GIRL CALLED ANA TEACHES KITTENS HOW TO DRAW, available on Once again Bob has taken me on a fluffy journey to his wonderful world containing an eclectic cast of memorable characters. I really enjoyed his style of storytelling, which he was able to weave in between the sublime and the traditional and into the abstract. Simply brilliant. After reading this book on my own, I read it to my two year old daughter. Not only was she captivated by the story, but she was also inspired to draw and create. Bob has cooked up the perfect bowl of entertaining, colorful, educational, right brain thinking, delicious, alphabet soup.

(Art Director of interactive content for Leap Frog screen-based gaming platforms)

Excerpted from Michael's review of Bob Pendarvis' graphic novel A GIRL CALLED ANA TEACHES KITTENS HOW TO DRAW, available on Was Bob Pendarvis a professor of mine? Yes. Does that influence my review of his book? Absolutely! This is especially true because he is a fantastic teacher. To get a sense of what his classes were like (and, indeed, what kind of person he is), one need only buy a copy of his book. His whimsical and lighthearted approach to conveying, sometimes, complex drawing techniques might be the first thing that grabs your attention. Later, you might marvel at the simple child-like quality of the artwork...and realize it's not really simple at all. In fact, the art is an incredibly effective tool for relaying information in a very entertaining way.

Original illustration, © Michael Stribling

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